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Download the complete Pastoral Plan - Faith in Our Future

Parish Actions:

Every member of our parish and migrant communities can contribute to the mission of our Church by reading through some of list of almost 100 ideas and suggestions for parish renewal. View details...

Agency Actions:

The Diocese of Parramatta includes a number of agencies that assist the Bishop in the pastoral care of the entire community.  These agencies support the life and mission of our parish communities, parish ministry groups and the wider community.

View details of  the complete list of agency actions.

Other Diocesan Initiatives:

In addition to the renewal of our parishes and agencies, there are a number of Diocesean initiatives that the Diocese of Parramatta will seek to bring to life over the next five years.

View details of these initiatives.

Parish Collaborations:

The Diocese invites adjoining parish communities to explore the possibilities of working together more closely, sharing gifts and resources in their pastoral care and outreach in the wider community. 

Collaboration allows parishes to realise goals and opportunities they could not achieve on their own.
St Patrick's Guildford belongs to the collaborative group:  Our Lady Queen of Peace, Greystanes, and St Margaret Mary's Parish Merrylands.

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On the 17th May, 2012 the parishes of St Patrick’s, Guildford, and Holy Family , East Granville. Participants were eager to engage with the pastoral realities of the Diocese and, in particular, to explore the notion of mission in terms of evangelisation and the proclamation of our faith.


Read some of the outcomes of this meeting.

Diocesan Pastoral Plan


On 22-23 Feburary, 2014 the Diocese of Parramatta launched its Diocesan Pastoral Plan - Faith in our Future.  Faith in our Future represents one of the largest consultation processes undertaken in the Parramatta Diocese, it spanned a period of two years  involving all the parishes and agencies within the diocese. 


We invite every Catholic community and member of our Diocese to grow in faith and share their faith with others, to become mature and missionary disciples.


The Diocese of Parramatta has two goals that will shape its life and structures over the coming five years:

growing in faith and
sharing our faith.

Faith in Our Future is much more than a document. Its success depends on more than good intention.  It is an opportunity to live the Gospel in the Diocese of Parramatta in fresh, creative and faith-filled ways.  But it needs your support, prayers, gifts and time in order to succeed.  Let us confidently call on the Lord as we move forward with love, with hope, with faith in our future.


This vision of a strong and evangelising faith can be best put into practice in our Diocese by focusing on our five pastoral priorities. These are our five areas of greatest need and potential. Each priority offers us an area where we can grow and share our faith with stronger missionary intent in the coming years:

  • Supporting family life
    We need to support our families as the cornerstone of our Church and society, strengthening them in their love and helping them live the Gospel
  • Connecting better with the  young
    We need to invite and support youth and young adults to grow in holiness and to become leading participants in the renewal of society and the Church by living their faith with commitment and enthusiasm
  • Building upon our ethnic diversity
    We need to celebrate, support and harmonise the diverse migrant communities in our midst, respond to their spiritual and social needs, as well as extend welcome and hospitality to newcomers to our Diocese
  • Growing and supporting laity and clergy
    We need to provide lifelong support for laity in their vocations, and grow and support our priestly vocations as well, provide opportunities for faith formation, and encourage the development of pastoral leadership in service to our common mission as the People of God
  • New evangelisation
    We need to reach out to those not strongly connected to their parish or who are estranged from our Church, inviting them to rediscover the joy of Christian faith and community

Revisit Bishop Anthony's launch video (2012) as he outlined his vision for the Diocesan Plan and  the future of the growing Diocese of Parramatta. 

Key Developments thus far:

  • The establishment of a Family & Life Office with the appointment of Mr Ben Smith as Director. 
  • The Renewal of Catholic Youth Parramatta with the appointments of Mr James Camden and Sr Rosie Drum MGL as Direcor and Assistant Director.
  • The appointment of Mr Tony Jose as Director of Financial Services
  • The appointment of Mr Michael Cowdroy as Director of Communications & Development.

The Pastoral Plan for the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta 2014 - 2018 includes:

  • A vision to grow in faith and to evangelise
  • Almost 100 ideas for parish renewal and migrant communities
  • Ideas for parishes to work together and collaborate more often
  • Agency initiatives to support faith and outreach
  • Diocesan initiatives and new structures for mission Guides to make the most of the ideas on offer.

Gracious God, source of all life,

you call us together in faith and love
as a Diocese of Parramatta.


As one body in Christ,
may we respond to your Word,
attend to the signs of the times,
and live as your disciples in word and deed.


Renew our hearts in your Holy Spirit
to grow and share our faith with the world;
give us courage and grace
to live faith in our future.


We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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