St Patrick's Parish Guildford
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Our Parish 'Welcome Package'


On behalf of our community, I would like to extend a warm welcome to you.

Here at St Patrick's we seek to make known the love of God by following Jesus, celebrating the Sacraments and walking together as a family.

We have a variety of groups and ministeries.    If you wish to be part of any of these groups, please contact the parish office during office hours and you will be placed in contact with the relevant person.

Since you have indicated an interest in joining us here at St Patrick's, I would like to invite you to our regular morning tea which is held in the parish hall on the 3rd Sunday of the month after the 10:00 am Mass.

May the Lord bless you and your family as you make your home in Guildford.

Fr Peter Blayney
Parish Priest

New Parishioner Form

As a new parishioner to our Parish of St Patrick's Guildford we would like to make contact and welcome you to our parish. You can acquire a Welcome Package from our Parish Office, or you can download a copy of the 'new parishioner form' and return it to the Parish Office during office hours and someone from the Parish Team will make contact with you.

new-parishioners-form.pdf Download a copy of the: New Parishioner Form


Parish Planned Giving Program

All families need to budget and set proprities. The same applies for the parish and as good stewards we try to run the parish as effectively as possible relying on the generosity of the parishioners. An envelope Planned Giving Programme exists within the parish.  This contributes to the runnng cost of the parish.

If you would like to join the programme please contact the Parish Office using the phone number and secure email option available on the Contact Us page.