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Sunday 19 March - 3rd Sunday of Lent - Year A


First Reading

Exodus  17:3-7


Responsorial Psalm

Psalm 95

(R.) If today you hear his voice harden not your heart.


Second Reading

Romans 5;1-2,r-8


Gospel Acclamation



John 4:5-42


Feastdays This Week

Tuesday, 4 April: Saint Isidore, Bishop and Doctor of the Church

Wednesday, 5 April: Saint Vincent Ferrer, Priest

Friday, 7 April: Saint John Baptist de la Salle, Priest


Season of Lent

Lent is a penitential season of prayer, self-denial, penance, renewal and helping others.  In this way, the whole Church prepares for Easter with those who are to be baptised.   It is also a time of preparation the purpose of which is to guide us to a more intense and gradual participation in the Paschal Mystery.  During this time the catechumens are accompanied through the various degrees of Christian initiation, and the faithful through the living memory of Baptism and Penance.

The Passover or Easter is the summit of the Liturgical Year, from which all the other parts draw their efficacy of salvation, it is the fulfilment of the redemption of humanity and of perfect glorification of God: it is the destruction of sin and of death, communication of resurrection and of life. 

Other celebrations in Lent (eg Marriage) must take account of the spirit of penance: musical instruments are only used to sustain singing and floral decorations are very simple.

Catholic are obliged to receive holy communion as least once a year, in Australia between Ash Wednesday and Trinity Sunday.


Project Compassion: Love Thy Neighbour

Week Two: Martina's story - a shared responsibility

Week Three: Uncle Richard's Story 


Pope Francis
Lenten Reflection

Pope Francis eplained that during these forty days of solitude in which Jesus prepared himself to announce the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, he "faces Satan 'body to body', he unmasks his temptations and is victorious. And in Him we all win, but it is up to us to protect this victory in our daily life. 

The Church reminds us of this mystery at the beginning of every Lenten period because it gives us the prospect and the meaning of the time, which is a time of combat - during Lent one must fight - a time of spiritual combat against the spirit of evil. And while we cross the Lenten ' desert' we keep our gaze fixed on Easter, the definitive victory of Jesus against the Evil One, against sin and against death.  This, then, is the meaning of Lent, placing ourselves on the path of Christ the road that leads to life.

And this, Jesus' path passes through the dessert that place where both the voice of God the the voice of the Tempter can be heard. Amid noise and confusion, only superficial voices can be heard. Instead, in the desert we are able to descent to the depths, where our destiny is truly played out, life or death. And how do we hear the voice of God? We  hear it in his Word.  This is why it is important to know the Scripture, as otherwise we do not know how to respond to the deceptions of the Evil One.

Always keep a copy of the Gospel to hand. The Lenten desert helps us to say no to worldliness to, to 'idols'; it helps us to make courageous desicions consistent with the Gospel and to strengthen solidarity with our brothers and sisters.

Therefore, let us enter into the desert without fear, because we are not alone, we are not alone we are with Jesus with the Father and with the Holy Spirit.   Lent is an auspicious time to lead us to be increasingly aware of how much the Holy Spirit, received in baptism, has worked and can work in us". 


Click to view the 2017 Diocesean Lenten Program - "Lead us to Living Waters"

The program provides material for parents to give them a chance to reflect on the readings and theme of the week so they are prepared to lead family and children’s activities and guide their children through Lent.

Give God a moment this Lent’ is the theme for this year's Lent Calendar. Click to view details








Ash Wednesday and Good Friday are days of fast and abstinence.

The law of fasting binds those who are between the ages of 18 and 60.  The law of abstinence binds those who are over 14.

Stations of the Cross will be held every Tuesday night following the 7:30pm Mass throughout Lent commencing 7 March and including Tuesday, 11 April of Holy Week.





Lent is almost upon us and our parish would like to offer a series of video faith lessons that focus on the last week of Jesus' life, and his death and resurrection. 

Filmed on location in Israel these videos take us on a tour of the buried, distant or otherwise forgotten places where the stories of the bible actually happened.

The series will be held in the church commencing on Thursday, 2 March and run over six Thursdays concluding on 6 April. Each session will commence promptly  at 7:00pm and conclude at 8:00pm.  Any missed videos will be viewed the following Thursday beginning at 6:30pm.

All parishioners are most welcome to attend. 

   Deacon Richard Mulheron~