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The History of St Patrick's Primary School


The Sisters of St Joseph moved into the Granville Parish in the late eighteen hundreds. Decisions were made that extended their work into the Guildford area. So it was, in 1910 the Sisters of St Joseph took up residence and began teaching the Catholic children of Guildford. St Patrick’s Primary School has been offering Catholic education in the parish of Guildford for over 100 years.

Saint Patrick's School is now  a well-equipped primary school with more than 580 students, offering quality education and religious programs to girls and boys from Kindergarten to Year Six.

All of the activities undertaken by the school are underpinned by a set of strong values that are designed to ensure improved learning for all students and to create a culture of continuous learning, happiness and harmony.


Religious and Pastoral Programs

St Patrick's Parish Guildford and St Patrick's Primary School work closely together to provide children with many opportunities to experience God's love and to nurture their faith in prayer, celebration, sacrament and community.

Mutual respect and support between teachers, students, parents, parish and the wider community are at the core of the school's Student Management policy.

School rules are firm but fair. A reward system encourages children to strive towards excellence in behaviour and in practicing the values endorsed by the school community.


Community and Parent Involvement

As a learning community, St Patrick's Primary School values parents of students both as partners and as key stakeholders in the education of their children. Parents are encouraged to take a keen interest in their children’s education and are always welcome in the school.

St Patrick's Primary School

34 Calliope St

Guildford NSW 2161

Phone: 02 8728 7300


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