St Patrick's Parish Guildford

Rio Reunion – One Year on from WYD 2013


St Patrick’s Cathedral Precinct, 1 Marist Place, Parramatta

Reunion – One Year on from WYD 2013 Event Details
Photography: Alphonsus Fok

As it will soon be one year on from World Youth Day in Rio, this gathering is a great opportunity for the 2013 pilgrims to regather and share the impact their pilgrimage to WYD in Rio has had on their lives.

This event will provide pilgrims with the chance to reconnect with their fellow pilgrims, to get re-engaged in the life of the Church, to receive some follow-up catechesis and to be held accountable for their ongoing spiritual growth.


Sunday 27 July

Hosted by

Most Rev Anthony Fisher OP and the new Catholic Youth Parramatta team


Gathering of pilgrims in St Patrick’s Cathedral Hall. This will be a chance to Reconnect, Recharge and Remember Rio

Mass in St Patrick’s Cathedral

BBQ dinner


St Patrick’s Cathedral Precinct
1 Marist Place

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